Your next adventure
begins here.

What makes us the best employer

Working with us means learning, personal and professional development.
We believe that empowerment will make you grow with your tasks.
Make decisions. Failure is accepted as long as you improve continuously.
Are you ready for the challenge?

A cool, exciting and challenging
product to work on.

We work hard and play hard.
Regular Team Events break your routine.

We know whats important for you.
Free drinks: Club Mate, Beer, Coffee etc.

Free late night

We are an english-speaking office.
Free German classes.

You will get the pullover you waited
for your whole life.

Learn & grow – investement in your
development matters.

All the responsibility you want
(and can handle).

Live in Berlin!
(What else to say?)

Open jobs

Thank you for your interest!

40% of our hires come through internal referrals.
We are really happy about that!

FAQ – your application at simplesurance

How should my application look like?

We’re looking forward to receiving your complete application, which contains

  • Letter of motivation
  • CV that’s up-to-date
  • maximum of 3 references
  • your earliest starting date
  • your salary expectations

Depending on which job you apply to, there can be something specific we need from you (e.g. portfolio for a job in Design). If that’s the case it’ll be written in the job description.

Should my application be written in English or German?

Please use the job description as orientation. Are German language skills required? Then hand in your application in German. If you’re absolutely unsure, feel free to ask us: shoot us a short email ([email protected]) or give us a call (+4930688316301). When in doubt, our recruiting team will understand your application if it’s written in German or English.

I’m not from Germany. Do I have a chance to get the job?

Apply now! We are already an intercultural team (15 nationalities and counting!) and look forward to new influences. Write us, why and for what job you would like to come to Germany. After signing the contract, we’ll support you with tips and links through the moving and burocracy process.

Is the job still open?

As long as the job description is posted on our job site, you have the opportunity to apply. Our recruiting team will take care of your documents and contact you ASAP.

How long will I have to wait for feedback?

We do our best and try to send a confirmation email within a few days. However, the whole application process could take up to 1-3 weeks. Thank you for your understanding.

I want to work with you, but no current vacancy corresponds to my profile. What do I do?

Send us your application anyway! We’re always keen to get to know interesting candidates. However, in that case – please, add a letter of motivation to your application. Tell us: What team you want to work for? How we could benefit from working with you? Is there a specific problem you could solve for us? Why do you want to join our #mostAwesomeTeam?

Are you looking for students or temporary workers?

We have a lot to do and love to work with students and temporary workers. Just apply for one of our open positions or take the initiative and tell us what you want and can do at our company.

I am a freelancer. How can I work with you?

For individual projects, we are happy to work with freelancers. Apply now for our advertised projects or you simply introduce yourself.

What happens after I send my application?

First we’ll confirm, that we received all documents. If there is something missing, we’ll ask for it in the first mail. After processing your application, there will be a telephone interview with our HR department. We’ll check in on your career, give more insight about the position and add a first impression to your application. Feel free to ask any open questions you might have. For the second step depending if you are already in Germany or abroad there might either be a longer skype interview or you’ll get invited to our offices directly.

How can I prepare myself for the interview?

Take a deep breath and be yourself. We want to get a realistic picture of how it is to work with you. Thematically You should be familiar with the topic “e-commerce” and be up to date on your respective area.

How is my data stored and used?

Your data is stored in our system and will be used exclusively for the purpose of the application and related analyzes. Your data will only be accessed by employees from our personnel department. However, you can also request that your data will be deleted at any time.

What are the benefits of working at simplesurance?

We don’t take #mostAwesomeTeam lightly. We work hard on putting together a team that drives success – and achieve it by including a lot of perspectives: 15 nationalities (and still counting), age-range of 21 till 54, corporate background, startup background and one thing in common: drive. You are expected to drive our business forward in any way you know how to. In return, we do everything to make sure you can. We pay attractive, performance-based salaries, we hand you all the responsibility you want (and can handle), we’ll support the exchange of ideas internally and with other companies by having regular get-togethers ranging from a relaxed evening with music, food and drinks to workshops with heated discussions and well-prepared presentations. If work takes longer than expected, your dinner will be on us and, of course, there will be free Club Mate and beer.

How will my first day look like at simplesurance?

Next to the obvious (handing in all the information we need for our administrative team) you’ll get a tour of our office, strike a pose for our #mostAwesomeTeam-wall and step by step we’ll introduce you to your team and your tasks. Of course, your team lead and our HR team will be with you for each step.

Any questions left?

Feel free to contact us! Our HR and Recruiting team will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Just ask for Cassandra, Laura or Marina at [email protected] or call +4930688316301.

Any questions left?

Then apply to your contact from the HR:
Cassandra Karsch at [email protected].

No current vacancies?
We are constantly looking for new talents!

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