We believe in easy and smart insurance. That's why we constantly invest in our unique platform with transparent and efficient insurance services to connect people and business,
anywhere & anytime.

Our direct-to-consumer business

On our websites we offer consumers in various countries an easy and convenient way to purchase product insurances up to a couple of month after they have purchased a device.

Our cross-selling technology

Our solution enables cross-selling of product insurances directly at the point of sale in e-commerce. It integrates seamlessly into the checkout process of online shops and offers a one-click experience for consumers.

Our digital broker solution

Our digital broker solution enables consumers to manage their insurance policies digitally via a multi-device app. Users have access to all their insurance contracts and can reach their personal broker via phone, in-app-messaging and e-mail.

What makes our solution innovative?

Covering Europe
reflecting local requirements

Insurances simplified fully digital and
easy to interact for customers

100% automated paperless
user experience

Continuous testing
and optimization

Test driven

Working with

We love cutting edge technology

Technology is our core competence. The best developers from all over the world are working on our solutions. We apply state-of-the-art technology and tools in an agile development environment to innovate the way insurances work online. We continuously explore new ways and drive the digital revolution of the insurance industry.

We offer insurance solutions customers love

Nowadays consumers manage more and more aspects of their lives via digital channels. They expect an outstanding and easy-to-use customer experience. With our direct-to-consumer offerings, our cross-selling and broker solutions we offer a broad variety of fully digital and easy-to-access insurance services. We collaborate with renowned insurance companies to assure excellent services and offerings meeting today’s needs at the best possible price.

We are designing, developing, testing, optimizing
and selling to become the world‘s leading
platform for technology driven
insurance business.

consumer products matched every day
percent uptime
milliseconds average processing time
online-shops rely on our solution

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